Sunday Billion

The Sunday Billion is our premier weekly Play Money tournament.

It’s the ultimate poker arena for Play Money players to test and prove their skills, while also competing for a huge one billion chip prize-pool.

Furthermore, every Sunday Billion winner will be awarded a PokerStars Prestige badge to mark their achievement. Imagine how good that could look next to your avatar at the tables.

Make a name for yourself. Beat the stars. Claim a virtual fortune.

How to play the Sunday Billion

The Sunday Billion takes place every Sunday. You’ll find it listed under the ‘Tournaments’ tab (desktop)/’Tourney’ tab (mobile) by searching for ‘Billion’ (make sure the Play Money option is selected).

Click here to go straight to the Tournaments tab.

If you enjoy the huge prize pools of the Sunday Billion, then look out for the High Roller tourneys. They take place regularly throughout the day, with buy-ins as high as one billion chips.